Frequently Asked Questions

(And the answers to them)

Who can apply to Watson?

Watson is an incubator-institute for young changemakers of all kinds. We are open to applications from anyone, whether American or international. We encourage teams of students working on the same idea to apply as a team. We encourage a diversity of changemakers in each class, knowing that to solve the toughest problems facing the world a broad spectrum of solutions are crucial. Our mission is to help students take their ideas from concept stage or early implementation to launch.

How do I apply to Watson?

Learn more about the application process and apply here.

As a student, do I receive academic credit?

Degree Program: In Fall 2014, Watson launched an innovative new Bachelor’s Degree in partnership with Lynn University. Watson Scholars take 60 credits with Watson and 60 credits with Lynn University to gain their Bachelor’s in Social Entrepreneurship in three years. This is a revolutionary degree earned by building a venture or intrapreneurial social project, receiving mentorship, and learning from world-renowned thought leaders.
Semester Incubator: Semester Scholars can work with their university to receive academic credit for attending Watson’s semester program and we will help with this process for accepted students. There’s more about the academic offerings at Watson here.

How long is the Watson program?

Selected Scholars enroll in Watson for either their full Bachelor’s degree lasting 3 years, or a one semester program (Fall and Spring) where they take part in a small portion of the Degree program and receive a certificate upon completion of the semester.

How much is tuition?

Learn more about Watson’s tuition model as well as our financing options and aid here.

What if I need to fulfill specific requirements for my major?

Watson will work with each finalist to explore possibilities for satisfying major specific degree requirements while at Watson.

What are the dates of the Watson academic year?

Fall 2017: August 28 – December 15

Spring 2018: January 22 – May 4

Fall 2018: August 27 – December 14

What is the relationship between Lynn University and Watson?

Watson [the 501(c)3 non-profit organization] has partnered with Lynn University [an accredited university] since Fall 2014 to enable Watson scholars to earn their accredited degree for completing the Watson curriculum (60 credits) and Lynn University core curriculum (60 credits). Lynn is named as one of the most innovative institutions in the country by US News and World Report and is the youngest institution on that list.  Lynn’s innovative nature allows for partnerships and new models, such as Watson, to be developed and push the boundaries of higher education in a way that would not be possible in most institutions.

Watson is building on our partnership with Lynn University to create the Watson Institute at Lynn University, as well as continue to grow the existing institute in Boulder. The first Watson Boca cohort will go begin in Fall of 2018. Applications for both the Boulder and Boca institutes are currently open.

What is the story of Watson?

After traveling to a refugee community in Uganda at age 17 and starting Educate! to develop the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs across Africa, Watson’s founder, Eric Glustrom, lived the life of a young social entrepreneur.  Working to build Educate! from midnight-2am during college – after the rest of his ‘education’ was over – Educate! became his career.  Years later, Educate! has grown to reach over 240,000 students across East Africa and fundamentally change the national education systems of the region. In 2012, he moved to the board of Educate! to start Watson because he wanted to bring the same model of education Educate! had developed in East Africa back home to the US. In doing so, Watson supports next generation social entrepreneurs who, like our founder, want to put their ideas for solving significant problems and making an impact at the core of their education.

Why is this institute named Watson?

Watson is named after Ward and Paula Watson, our founder’s grandparents. Ward was our founder’s first role model and his model serves to inspire the values and vision of Watson.  After serving in the Royal Canadian Navy during World War II, Ward began his career in Cargill, where he worked his entire career to help build the family owned company that is now the largest private company in the US. Throughout his career, Ward demonstrated great integrity and service. Translated to today’s context, integrity and service are at the core of the values that Watson aims to inspire, encourage, and protect within the students we work with and the lives they lead.  We thus named Watson in honor of Ward and Paula and the set of timeless values which we aim to carry forward through Watson’s mission and model.

How can I get involved?

We have an ever-growing community of people motivated by social change who help our scholars grow and expand their network. If you are interested in joining our community as a mentor, teacher, funder, nominator or scholar, please send an email to introducing yourself. We’d love to meet you and get you involved!